Photo of Nishant Parikh

Nishant Parikh,
Partner, Trilegal (Mumbai)

The course outline looks quite useful for Law students as it promises to deal with legal aspects of setting up a new business.

Photo of VVR Babu

VVR Babu,
Chief Information Officer, ITC Limited

This initiative seeks to extend practical legal knowledge to budding entrepreneurs and owners of SME businesses. The syllabus is carefully structured to give first time entrepreneurs and SME business owners a good overview and basic knowledge of all legal matters that pertain to starting and running a business.

Photo of Prof. Dr. Mahendra Pal Singh

Prof. Dr. Mahendra Pal Singh,
Constitutional Law Authority and Chairperson of Delhi Judicial Academy

The course focuses on developing useful practical skills, and aims to maintain high academic standards. It would be a valuable resource for anyone willing to learn business laws.

Photo of Prof. Shamnad Basheer

Prof. Shamnad Basheer,
Ministry of HRD Chair Professor of IP Law, NUJS and founder of world-famous IP Law blog called Spicy IP

Given that the eco system for entrepreneurship is just beginning to bloom in India, this well structured and easily accessible course could not have been more timely. It should form part of the tool kit of every entrepreneur who seeks to establish their imprint on our society through a creative venture of his own!

Photo of Prof. Sanjay Kumar

Prof. Sanjay Kumar,
Assistant Professor, Direct and Indirect Taxes, NUJS

The course is well structured and covers all essential laws which are relevant to a startup and day-to-day business operations. It will immensely benefit students of both legal and non-legal background.

Photo of Umesh Sharma

Umesh Sharma,
formerly Registrar of the Rajasthan High Court (Jodhpur Bench)

The syllabus is comprehensive and well planned.

Photo of Raghav Aggarwal

Raghav Aggarwal,
Founder-Director,Trutech Webs Private Limited

I am quite impressed with the breadth and depth of the course content that is to be covered here.This is a must attend for any CXO at a startup or growing organization.

Abdul Bari Shaikh

Abdul Bari Shaikh,
Team Leader, IT Services

I have graduated in BE (Elec. & Telecomm) from University of Mumbai. I work as a Team Leader (IT Services) in Mumbai. I have experience of 9+ years in IT industry and leading a team of 20 resources supporting 12 applications in Java and ECM technologies. I have leading teams since 2008.
I have a Life Sciences industry experience of 6+ years in my total 9+ exp. This industry is regulated by multiple regulators across the globe (MHRA, FDA, EU regulators etc). Hence knowledge of legal aspects is important to work with LS industry clients. Also, this is a knowledge driven industry and the core business is impacted by patents. Knowledge of IP Rights, Copyright, and Patent Law is a must when working in a knowledge driven industry. I already have the technology and industry knowledge to make it big in the Life Sciences industry. This course adds value to my profile by providing me the knowledge of Taxation, IP Rights, Patent Laws, Corporate Governance, Labour Laws. This knowledge can help me position myself as IT Manager in IT departments of LS companies, grow as an industry specialist in IT Industry, open opportunities in KPOs etc.
The course is very good. I have gained a good amount of knowledge on the LLP, Companies, Taxation, and Import/Export etc. This knowledge has helped me to think rationally about entrepreneurship and addressed a lot of questions in my mind regarding the same.
I would like to thank the iPleaders team for setting up an excellent program and providing the flexibility to attend virtually.

Parimal Kumar

Parimal Kumar,
Business Development Executive in Knoura Technology Services Pvt Ltd

“I have done B.Tech in Electronic and Communication Engineering and currently I am working as a Business Development Executive in Knoura Technology Services Pvt Ltd. We are dealing with Intellectual Property Rights and providing our services to Foreign and Indian Clients.
I have taken this course to enhance my knowledge, as till date I have been working with a startup and helped them in structuring the company, relying on the experience of the managers and senior people in the company. However, this course has given me the legal knowledge of each and every aspect in the formation and running of the company. It has given me both practical as well as theoretical knowledge in this field.
The course content is best. It explains step by step, how to start up a company, either private or public limited or LLP or Non Profit, with all its legal and non-legal practical implications. It is helpful in many ways – either to start one’s own company or to work as a consultant for other companies.

Siddharth Birla

Siddharth Birla,
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

Hi, I am Siddharth Birla, a final year student of B.Tech in Biotechnology at Sir Padampat Singhania University in Udaipur, Rajasthan. I have previously worked in Bioinnovat Research Service Pvt. Ltd., a pharmaceutical consultancy firm and Metal Resources India, a chemical manufacturing plant as an intern. I am an entrepreneurship enthusiast and have also presided as the coordinator of the E-Cell in my university.

A lot of bio technologists strive hard in research to develop a viable and commercial product and then enter the market as entrepreneurs to sell them. Due to the strict laws and practices that govern the market, particularly in pharma and biotech sector, knowing the rules of the game can be very helpful in devising strategies for a successful business model.
I came to know about the course through a friend of mine in college. We did our research about the course over the internet and also consulted our professors and parents. We got good reviews; about the course as well as NUJS, and thus decided to enroll ourselves.

Initially, it was a little bit difficult to take out time and grasp the course. But, after developing a basic understanding, it gradually became more interesting and engrossing. The new improved LMS and android app have made reading a lot more easy and fun.
The course material is infused with a lot of relevant examples and videos, which makes it easier for people with no previous background in law to understand the contents.
The quarterly tests are conceptual in nature and can be taken as per our convenience, which gives the course a much needed flexibility. The frequently conducted webinars, workshops and industry updates give the course a practical edge and make it more interactive.

I have previously attended some online courses via Coursera and other portals, but found them to go dreadfully drab & boring even though the topics were very interesting. iPleaders have worked pretty hard in keeping the course interesting and easy to understand. The time and money I have invested in this course has been worthwhile.

Vinay Biradar

Vinay Biradar,
Software Engineer, Wipro
Also part of an educaiton startup.

The course has been excellently designed; with new chapters uploaded on the LMS (Learning Management System) in a timely manner. What I really liked about the course was the webinars conducted on a variety of topics from different resource persons from the industry. It really helps us to get diverse view points and improves our knowledge base. The accreditation from NUJS really boosts the impact of the certificate that we receive at the end of the course.
Overall, thanks to the iPleaders team for coming out with such an innovative methodology of learning and making it useful and successful.

Sandeep Mitra

Sandeep Mitra,
Senior Clinical Operations
Quality Specialist at Quintiles

A post-graduate in Biotechnology, working in the field of clinical trials for last 8 years. This course has provided a realistic insight into the world of business law, highlighting and simplifying the key concepts.

Vinay Kumar Biradar

Vinay Kumar Biradar,
Software Engineer
B.E from PDA College of Engneering, MBA from IIFT

The course is very well structured. It is a fantastic way to get an introduction to the field of business laws. The webinars arranged are quiet helpful.

Shankar S P

Shankar S P,
BE Mechanical from PSG College

I always wanted to start my own business. Keeping in mind my goal, this course provided me with good knowledge about the various procedures and legal formalities involved in starting up and running a company. It was quite useful indeed.

Sridhar Siddoju

Sridhar Siddoju,
B.Tech. in Electronics & Communications
Currently working as Manager- Sales with M/s UURMI SYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd.

It was a great course

Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma,
BE (Product and Industrial Engineering)
10+ years of work experience

very good course!!!!!

Nikhil Gopaldas Kasat

Nikhil Gopaldas Kasat,
B. Tech, Computer Science

Good course!

Ayushi Vaish Kesarwani

Ayushi Vaish Kesarwani,
Graduate Engineer Trainee, HCL

I was in B.tech final year when I joined this course. Now I am an Engineer (Branch-IT).

Thank You. I appreciate the whole iPleaders team for making this online course so successful. I’ll miss everything about it.


Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

I am an average guy with extremely strong determination and it has only been possible after travelling through numerous ups and downs I came across, passing each one successfully. An example:- I was ranked 50th in my class in my school (Delhi Public School, Guwahati) in class 10th board but in just 2 years I managed to change it into All State rank 51 in AIEEE. Some people can call me mad or impractical but I give everything that attracts me a chance (i.e I simply do what I like ). Currently, I am in my final year of Engineering (Biotechnology from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra), placed at EXL services as a business analyst, but I am still on a lookout for that one particular thing which I could die for. I have completed my first year of B.Com from IGNOU this year, and am continuing with the course. I am highly interested in finance and banking sector and have gained quite a deep knowledge on them in past couple of years. I have completed an advanced course in visual art and will be glad to grab an opportunity related to graphic designing and branding.
Now about my future plans-
I hope to start my own company successfully; pretty soon, although not for earning hell lot of money but so as to hear someone; sitting in a restaurant; chatting about my company.
Being from Engineering background (without having almost no idea about law) and a hardcore enthusiast for entrepreneurship, it was a great experience being a part of this program. The kind of up-to-date study material and the realistic view of the judicial world that was provided through various online seminars was simply awesome.
p.s- I really took a good decision 1 year back to join this course]

Akshata Udiaver

Akshata Udiaver,
the founder of All About Animation and Indianimated magazine

I am a designer (of logos, books, websites, mobile app UI) by profession, a writer (copy/fiction/non-fiction) by choice and an entrepreneur by passion. After my BFA in Applied Arts in 1998 from Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, I worked in a web start up for a year and half. That was my first and last ‘job’. A brief 5 month stint in New York followed during which I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. I founded my first design studio called 8th Sense Ideation. I was mostly a solopreneur, though I collaborated with other talented folks on bigger projects. Finally in 2007 I founded AllAboutAnimation[dot]com – a synthesis of the three things I love – writing, design and animation. Through my startup All About Animation LLP, I curate Indian art and animation via the web portal ‘AllAboutAnimation[dot]com’ and digital magazine ‘Indianimated’, spreading awareness and educating people about the arts. I’m currently working on building an eLearning venture.

Making the transition from self-employed to entrepreneur, I knew my limited knowledge of business would be inadequate. My educational background is in Design. No one in my family has run a business. I had neither the time nor the inclination to do an MBA, I needed to learn what was relevant and critical to my business.

I was very lucky to stumble upon iPleaders and the course via a blog post written by Ramanuj. When I saw the website I knew this was exactly what I needed and what I had been looking for. The course had everything that a newbie entrepreneur needs to know – about laws, about taxes, about doing business and much more. The clincher was that it was completely online, so I could learn at my own pace and do it while working on my venture full time. Besides, the team is fantastic, Ramanuj, Abhyudaya and Pallavi are always accessible for any questions or doubts, ready to offer advice. So, I ended up not just learning business law but also making some good friends – after all, who doesn’t want lawyer friends?
The internet is a boon to all of us, so much free knowledge floating around. But then again, there is information overload too. How do you judge what’s accurate and what isn’t? Thankfully, because of the extremely well-planned and thoroughly researched course, I save a lot of time. The course content includes almost everything that an entrepreneur – especially in the digital and IT sectors needs to know. I set up my LLP after I joined the course, I wasn’t even aware of that option before. At every step, the knowledge gleaned from the course material is helping me. It’s a constant guide that I reach out for. Can’t wait to complete all the modules – there’s still some critical stuff I need to learn that will be covered in the final modules.

Atul Gupta

Atul Gupta,
Managing Director of InSync
Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd

I am a computer science engineer by education, but an entrepreneur by profession. Having had no formal education in running a business I was always led to a lot of “learning the hard way”. When iPleaders launched the course for Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, in an e-learning mode I took up the course with the objective to understand all legal nuances related to running a business.
I found the content to cover the basics of all that is required to be known to run a business. I must say, basic as it is it’s not practical and required for me, nor possible within the course; to deliver the subjects in extreme details. The course covered things like; understanding of ESOP, Sweat Equity, Company Policy, License agreements, IP related law, EULA and lots of other content which made sense for our business.

Devarapalli Chandrasekhar

Devarapalli Chandrasekhar,
Founder and creator of Ubiquus Tech India Pvt Ltd

I own a company, Ubiquus, that helps businesses strategize, design, and articulate their value propositions to multiple stakeholders across traditional and new media. I am trained in business analytics from IIM Calcutta, hold a degree in electrical engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia as also NUJS’s EABL Diploma.
The nitty gritties and the daily grind of business (as also life!) involves a lot of legal/government/tax procedures. Business schools don’t teach them, the law schools don’t teach them in their bread-and-butter courses, and the company secretaryship course is too long, too academic, not of much practical use for business owners and entrepreneurs. The EABL course is short, delivered over the internet, to the point, and goes into the practical side of business situations. I’m more confident when dealing with procedures and concepts related to tax filings, ESOPs, labor rules, trademarks, etc.

Rajdeep Chatterjee

Rajdeep Chatterjee,
2nd year BBA, Techno India, Kolkata,
Founder of indiangrahak.com

Setting up a business is a complex procedure and every aspect needs to be worked out in detail. However, often the legal aspect gets ignored, in this way this course has helped me in following ways:-
Choosing proper structure for an organization
Proper deals with co-founders/partners
Clear documentation with employees
Protecting intellectual property
Effective agreements with partners.
Understanding the basic taxation applied in business
Managing conflicts among co-founders
Understanding duties and responsibilities

Gaurav Pratap Singh Shekhawat

Gaurav Pratap Singh Shekhawat,
owns website by the name of www[dot]crostitch[dot]in

Graduated in B.Com (Hons.) from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Delhi University. Have 6 months work experience in sales with 99acres.com. Started my own website by the name of www[dot]crostitch[dot]in. The EABL course is very informative.

Puneet Bhasin

Puneet Bhasin,
Founder, Cyberjure Legal Consulting, Mumbai

B.L.S.LLB. from Government Law College(Mumbai)
Certified Cyber Crime Investigator
Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Laws
Diploma in Cyber Laws
Ethical Hacker
Currently pursuing LLM from Mumbai University.
“I am a practicing Cyber lawyer in Mumbai for the past 3 years and have founded a company providing legal services in this area of law, it is Cyberjure Legal Consulting.”
“The course was a very good learning experience, and I am glad I did it. It helped me understand the nuances of many laws which we studied in college, but never went into practical applicability of the same. The stuff I learnt in the course helped me in my matters too, and in structuring e-commerce start-ups.

Ankur Gupta

Ankur Gupta,
Founder, Fordela Impex Pvt. Ltd.

I did my schooling from Delhi & then completed my Engineering in Computer Science from Thapar University, Patiala.
I worked with Aricent Technologies for around 2 years mainly in the field of telecom software, then I joined my family business at Ankur Cargo Movers P. Ltd. and now, I have started my own firm by the name of Fordela Impex P. Ltd.; dealing in the Distribution & CFA sectors.
The course has made me aware about many things, academically as well as on professional side.

Debabrata Saha

Debabrata Saha,
Graduation-BBA,Techno India Salt Lake, Kolkata
pursuing MBA from BIMM, Pune

Learnt a lot. iPleaders is a good learning platform. Thank you.

Probhunath Roy

Probhunath Roy,
Belle Vue Clinic

Education: Master Of Human Resource And Organizational Management
“This course helped me Very much”

Amit Patnaik

Amit Patnaik,
Asst. Manager (Planning and Cost Control),
Larsen & Toubro Limited

Education: M-Tech (Construction Technology & Management) – IIT Madras, B-Tech (Civil Engineering) – IGIT Sarang, Odisha
The course is an excellent introduction to the Legal Aspects of business. As an engineer, it gave me a good idea about matters of which I had either zero or least idea. A must do course for engineers!! The description of company rules and their types helps in identifying suitable vendors/sub-contractors. There is a good improvement in the LOI/WO conditions. Future is now better secured for me as an employee and individual. Thanks NUJS and iPleaders.

Yashas Bhand

Yashas Bhand,
Executive Director,
Five Elements Environment Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

I have completed my M.Tech in biotechnology and on June 7th; I started my entrepreneurship journey. I was given a responsibility to create a new venture under family business flagship.

It’s been a year and from the inception to execution, we have successfully established an R&D start-up company Five Elements Environment Ventures Pvt. Ltd, focusing on research innovation, commercialisation & training services (www[dot]feev[dot]co[dot]in). Very few expected an M.tech fresher to do something like this and your course gave me the confidence, from starting the venture, to pitching, to implementation and finally running the show.

Shridhar Gupta

Shridhar Gupta,

I have done BBA from Jadavpur University. I joined my family business (DNG Enterprises) in Kolkata while in college itself. I graduated in 2009. It’s a distribution company in medical and office automation products. I look after the medical distribution side of the business. Other than that, I am closely involved with and head the content division of Fitho Wellness, which is India’s leading online weight management service.
I had little idea about laws and accounting practices, despite running my family business for the last 5-6 years. I was always dependant on my sales tax lawyer and accountants to help me out. Now, there is greater clarity on a lot of these areas and I’m much more at ease when talking to my accountants.

Chetan Bhardwaj

Chetan Bhardwaj,
Executive Vice-President, Marketing & Strategy with Fourdy Web

I am an I.T. Entrepreneur with my bachelors in commerce. Love everything that relates to internet, technology, business and innovation. This course has helped me a lot and I wish to thank everyone working hard behind this to make it happen. Great course!

Abhranil Saha

Abhranil Saha,
Proprietor, Cynosure Technology Solutions (Since 2007,
Director, Attrahent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Since Nov 2012),
B.E. (Civil) from Jadavpur University (2001-2005)

The course has helped a lot in my business!!!

Ankur Gupta

Ankur Gupta,
Owner, Ankur Cargo Movers Pvt Ltd

The main reason for me taking up this course was that being from an engineering background, I was not much aware about the accounts, company laws & various others business related norms. So, I pursued the course to get the overview & if possible, deeper knowledge of the concepts required in our day to day business.
The course till now has been really helpful, I really like the idea of webinars & fully online course, which makes it really easy to go through the course material.

Anurag Agarwala

Anurag Agarwala,
Family Business Owner – Since last 1 year

SRCC B.COM (H) Graduate 2011
UBS Investment Bank – 2 Yrs [Inv. Banking Analyst / Associate]
Informative and useful.

Thimmaiah Biddanda Devaiah

Thimmaiah Biddanda Devaiah,
Partner at Aqualizer dealing with consumer electronics manufacturing.

With a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineer from VTU to being an entrepreneur and agriculturist, I have traversed a wide spectrum of profiles.
Years of Experience – 4
Wish the team at iPleaders more success for years to come. In a few words – helpful, insightful and necessary. Offering a diploma in law and educating us on much needed topics on how to navigate the Indian business arena and it’s legal framework was indeed very helpful.
I was able to understand various aspects of Indian laws related to starting up a business, export, etc. and now know where to get things done and also, it did improve my strategic thinking with regard to planning and execution of various day to day goals.
You are indeed pioneers in this domain all the very best.

Unnita Bhattacharya

Unnita Bhattacharya,
KIIT Law School

I am a 5th year student of BBA LLB (5yrs integrated course) with Business law (Hons.) from KIIT School of Law. I enrolled for the iPleaders NUJS business law course expecting that it might add something to my knowledge but guess what, it not only did add a lot but those practical aspects and small technicalities which no one will ever find in any law textbook are just like an icing on a cake. This course has been really helpful, as not only it enabled me to apply practical experience alongside bookish knowledge, but also prepared me for the real application of the field. Great job by IPLEADERS and I am really thankful.

Rahul Kukreja

Rahul Kukreja,
Government Law College, MUMBAI

Hi, I am Rahul Kukreja, a student of iPleaders January 2013 batch. I am a 2nd year student at Government Law College, MUMBAI. Coming from a business background, I was always inclined towards exploring various fields of business laws right from my first year. I was always looking for means to relate my law studies to my entrepreneurial knowledge which I got through my family business.

Fortunately, I came to know about iPleaders when one of my senior who was already pursuing the course shared it on Facebook. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to pursue the course in my very first year of law studies having an impression that it might not be a benefit to study such a particular, rather a technical subject of law not having much knowledge about the basics of business laws.

Consequently, I spoke to Abhyudaya who is one of the founders of iPleaders to know more about the course and that made it clear that the course will not be too difficult to understand and will be useful. The modules provided by iPleaders are very simple in language, and easy to understand and not only contain the theoretical part or the case laws but the practical aspects of the same. The recent examples relevant to the topics make it more interesting. The language used in the material makes it relevant to all the professions whether it is for a law student or an engineer or an entrepreneur and nowhere has it seemed to be inclined towards any one field. Even the assessment tests are not that demanding and could be managed easily within a busy time schedule.

iPleaders has been valuable for me as it made me understand the basics of various aspects of business laws like ADR and Tax in a simplified way. Without iPleaders it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get such an easy access to these subjects.

Garima Jain

Garima Jain,
Mody Institute of Technology and Science, Rajasthan

I am pursuing B.B.A.LL.B from Mody Institute of Technology and Science, Rajasthan. The major reason for taking up this course was that I wanted to make a career in business law. The course was giving me all the business laws I wanted to learn in one place at an affordable price without any unnecessary condition. Apart from this, the course was being offered by one of the top National Law University which made it all the more worth taking.

The course has indeed been very helpful. All related aspects of business law and entrepreneurship in simplified language with real life examples and updated position in law is something that no university can offer even in classroom teaching. The videos uploaded along with the modules made the concepts more clear and explained the applicability in a better way. The self-assessment tests give insight as to how much we have understood and grasped. Pursuing the course along with college was no problem rather facilitated by curriculum in numerous ways. In order to understand business law all you need apart from classroom teaching is iPleaders course and you are ready to step out there in the field.

Divyanshu Agarwal

Divyanshu Agarwal,
National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore

I think that the course objectives that have been outlined would be attractive to any law student, as they were to me. I had realised that the law school curriculum was not tailored in a manner where I would get a lot of insights into the practice of business laws in particular. Even those courses which involve a lot of case studies, or even mooting in fact, require application of principles at the stage of dispute resolution. On the other hand, it is well known that most work that law firms do is transaction-based or compliance-based. In such a scenario, I felt that this was a good opportunity for me to learn this aspect of the law. Additionally, the affiliation to NUJS increases the credibility of the course and helped me narrow it down from the various online courses that are offered today.

The course content was excellent for me. For example, the modules on how to incorporate an LLP, or comply with labour legislation provide an adequate description of the various laws and procedures to be followed in a business transaction. Further, the module on raising investments or starting joint ventures lay down the various options available to business enterprises lays down excellent reasoning on why an organisation would prefer one over the other. I had a lot to learn, especially on which structure is most efficient for a business. I found the course content extremely helpful.

In addition, the assessment is not too demanding which allowed me to balance it easily along with law school.

The modules are primarily aimed at simplifying the law relating to entrepreneurship ventures. However, the concepts that I have learnt through the course have already proven to be helpful at an internship with a big law firm. For instance, when terms like ESOPs, or ECBs were thrown at me, I was more equipped to understand and research on them. Further, most due diligence exercises are based on check-lists which are very similar to the ones uploaded as part of the course module. In short, the course is helpful for internships and consequently, even legal practice.

Arnab Naskar

Arnab Naskar,
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

I am a Final year student of five years B.A.LL.B (Hons.) course. I am pursuing my degree at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab.

In fourth year I opted for specialization in “Business Laws and Intellectual Property Rights”. However, the course structure, offered by my University, failed to provide me much insights essential to deal with practical work related to my specialized subjects. Soon I started searching for some short courses which I can easily pursue along with my degree course in order to gain knowledge of such regulatory frameworks. In the meantime I came across with the course offered by iPleaders in association with NUJS, Kolkata. The primary reason why I choose this course is its diversified nature and the masterminds working behind the start-up which is responsible for this course.

As I am pursuing law degree it is important for us to intern at various places. Interning at law firms requires prior knowledge on basic regulatory laws like FDI, SEBI, IPR, environmental clearances etc. It is expected from an intern, specialized in business laws, to have basic knowledge on such regulatory frameworks. This course actually enhanced my skills by teaching me about the basic regulatory frameworks that are essential for most of the business enterprises to comply with. Needless to say, growing popularity of this course also helped me to enrich my CV.

It has been almost a year I am associated with the team of iPleaders. They are cordial and helpful in each and every matter. The Webinar idea and the recent the contract drafting marathon is really commendable.

Suman Prabhu

Suman Prabhu,

I am a 3rd year law student of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (BBA LLB). I came across this course while browsing Bar and Bench last year and found the course outline interesting and thus decided to take it up.

It is true that we are often not taught the practical aspects of the law in our classes. For example, when I read about this course, I had already finished studying the Partnership Act in class. But then again, I realised that there were so many practical aspects to a partnership that I had no knowledge about. I didn’t even know how to draft a partnership deed!

This course helped me in understanding how the theory of the law that we are taught is actually applied in a real situation. I also liked the range of topics covered in the course – law school syllabuses seldom even touch upon some of the topics. The webinars with industry experts were particularly relevant.

At the end of this course, I can honestly say that I have learnt a lot about the practical aspects of law. It has given me the confidence that I will not be at a complete loss and will know how to go about the answers if I intern or work in a law firm, or if I am asked to help an entrepreneur with legal issues pertaining to his or her business.

Jhanak Singh

Jhanak Singh,
Amity Law School

I am a 5th year law student of Amity Law School (BBA LLB) and I am also pursuing CS from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) . I have also accomplished a diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from Indian Law Institute, and completed a certificate course in Medical Law from Institute of Medicine and Law, Mumbai.

I have harboured interest in Corporate Laws and after gaining adequate experience I aim at establishing my own law firm someday.

I undertook Entrepreneur Administration and Business Laws provided by iPleaders in association with NUJS, Kolkata, which is one of the most reputed law schools. I undertook this diploma since it is exhaustive in its syllabus and involves a lot of practical learning in the areas of my interest, i.e. Structuring a business, ESOP Planning, Sweat Equity, Company Policies and Compliances, IP related law, Tax Strategies, Corporate Governance (to name a few).

This diploma facilitates the learners with excellent, to- the- point study material which is based on practicalities, interesting and satiates the learners quest.

The Webinar Sessions conducted with expertise of resource persons in various fields has been of great help and the queries put up are solved instantly which is not only amazing but commendable and helps in generating interest in the learner to achieve more and learn more. Perhaps the only thing this course demands is the honesty to go through its study material to change the way you perceive business laws.

Finally, I would like to say that iPleaders is doing an amazing job which is worthy of great appreciation. They are indeed leaders in ‘Intelligent Legal Solutions’. Their system is just impeccable and result oriented. Being associated with iPleaders has given me an insight into the intricacies of Law and Management.

Their contribution to my success is incredible and cannot be expressed in words.

Aniket Pandey

Aniket Pandey,
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

I am Aniket Pandey a final year student pursuing Integrated B.B.A. LL.B (Corporate Law) (Hons.) from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. It was in late July, 2012 that I came across this course (Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration & Business Law while searching for such courses which I can pursue parallel to my regular degree programme that too through distance mode.

Although I am specializing in Corporate laws I had very limited understanding of business and corporate law nuances. Thanks to the course that it came to the rescue at the right time and developed a practical approach that a budding lawyer must have. This was the reason that compelled me to opt for the course.

Initially, I was skeptical of what the course will offer and whether it will it be really beneficial to me as a Corporate Law student. However, after studying for a year now I would say that this course is a must take for anyone from lawman to layman as it furnishes comprehensive and exhaustive understanding of business laws and how exactly an entrepreneur should structure the business or a lawyer for that matter who wants to advise a client. After completing this course I have developed a sense of confidence that I can advice on critical issues from the structuring of business to arrangement of funds for the business, securing Intellectual Property of the businesses and many other significant aspects of normal day to day business of the organization. This includes strategizing dispute resolution and litigation. Perhaps the only thing the course demands is the honesty of going through the study material and by doing so you can expect that it will change how you perceive business law.

Shreya Sharma

Shreya Sharma,
Government Law College, Mumbai

I got to know about this course last year through a friend and I am glad I went for it.

The course is an online one conducted over the duration of a year. The syllabus is exhaustive and also includes practical learning, videos, drafting exercises and regular tests. It includes structuring of business, corporate governance, contract negotiation, corporate governance, tax strategies, IP Licensing and the list goes on. The exam schedule is stretched over a specific period and one can give it whenever convenient within that time frame.

The language used is easy to understand and the concepts are explained using day to day examples. The organizers are extremely helpful and easy to approach in case of any doubts. We have webinar sessions which are usually conducted on Saturdays with experts from various fields.

For me this course is extremely enjoyable. It is not unduly burdensome and I am able to pursue studies and co-curricular activities simultaneously. One doesn’t have to slog or anything. All you have to do is take out a few hours every week for it.

Quickly join this course and, as iPleaders’ team puts it, give yourself the gift of knowledge of law!!! 😀

Lavina Manghnani

Lavina Manghnani,
Government Law College, Mumbai

I am a 4th Year law student of Government Law College, Mumbai. I am also pursuing CS at the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. I have recently appeared in the Professional Program of this course. In addition to these, I am pursuing the Diploma in Entrepreneurship Business and Administrative laws provided by iPleaders in association with NUJS, Calcutta. I would say it is not impossible or difficult to pursue all these courses at the same time, it just requires four C’s, Clarity in thought, Careful planning, making appropriate Choices and Commitment. Firstly, there is a need to have clarity with regard to reasons for doing a particular course. I chose to do CS not only because I wanted to develop my interest in Corporate Laws but also because I wanted to gain some exposure in the subjects forming a part of the syllabus of the Institute which do not form a part of the Law School syllabus. The reason for taking up the iPleaders course is because it is exhaustive in its syllabus and involves a lot of practical learning in the areas of my interest. Also, it has a flexibility of learning according to an individual’s convenience and time availability. They arrange for excellent Webinars with experts in various fields on weekends. Also, this course stands above a lot many other Distance Learning courses in respect to the doubt clearing, feedback and suggestion aspects. In case of any doubts or clarity in concepts they are just a phone call or text away. They had also organized a contract Drafting Marathon during the summer which was one of a kind. Their schedule for assessments are organized and planned ahead of time which gives one a heads up to clear their calendars for the same.

Priyanka Shrivastava

Priyanka Shrivastava,
Law student, Institute of Company Secretaries of India

This course has definitely added to my knowledge and has introduced the practical application of Law in a business setup to me.

Shravya Karanth

Shravya Karanth,
3rd yr student, symbiosis law school pune

1. I am a student, currently pursuing my 3rd year of Law at Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

2. I happened to come across this course through a friend who had enrolled for the same, and the feedback given by him encouraged me to look it up. Upon reading up, I found the course to be extremely detailed and elaborate with regard to the practical face of law and I hence enrolled immediately!
3. The course runs deep into the intricacies of business, management and more importantly, the legal concepts. Like I said before, it elaborates upon the practical aspect of each of the courses offered, so as to deal with the same in the real world. The webinars further provide a more structured outlook into the said courses and unlike other online courses, the webinars ensure that we get to truly learn the promised elements provided by the course and not just get a certificate. Overall, its a thumbs-up from my side!

Devanu Roychoudhary

Devanu Roychoudhary,
3rd year LLB, IIT Kharagpur

This course helped me to get a basic yet practical perspective. Further, it immensely helped me in my academics.

Diksha Rai

Diksha Rai,
Rajiv Gandhi National Law university, Punjab

Helped in honing my skills with respect to the practical aspect of IPR, Company Law, Taxation and various Contracts. It has resulted in developing an in-depth understanding of the laws.

Keerthana M

Keerthana M,
5th year Law student, NLU Delhi

Business Law has always scared me (have to blame my first moot on ROFR’s and Put options for that). Through this course I’m able to understand the basics as it provides information in the most simplistic form.

Ankita Gulati

Ankita Gulati,
5th year Law Student, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

This course has expanded my knowledge of practical aspects of a corporate Law job. It is easy to follow and understand! Keep it up!

Sarthak Bahera

Sarthak Bahera,
4th yr student at National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Cochin

Thank you very much iPleaders team. I would also like to thank iPleaders for the course. Totally worth every bit of investment and more.

Pratham Darad

Pratham Darad,
3rd yr law student at National Law University, Jodhpur

I am really happy with the knowledge I gained about LLP and partnership till now. I am happy to know more about the practical applications of Law rather than mere bookish things.

Anuttama Ghose

Anuttama Ghose,
3rd yr, Law student, KIIT Law School

This course is teaching how to apply the laws, thus enriching the practical skill which Law colleges don’t teach.

Pooja Natarajan

Pooja Natarajan,
3rd year law student, GLC Mumbai

I am studying in the 2nd year of the 5 year law course at Government Law College, Mumbai
I have always been interested in business and corporate laws. This course was a medium for me to continue what I studied in 12th standard commerce to a great extent. Plus, it wasn’t possible for me to do CS along with Law for the love of commerce; hence the course was the best option I had. I don’t think Bar Council of India rules permit a law student to enroll in any other professional course, hence the diploma.
So far it has been a wonderful journey. The course material is easy to access, understand and very comprehensive. I definitely need to put in more efforts into the course to gain more benefits. In the long run when I will come across corporate law subjects, I would be having an added advantage. And most importantly knowledge once gained never goes waste so what I learn from this course will be helpful for me in some or the other way. I will be able to give better feedback when I successfully finish the course. But I definitely encourage students with a commerce background irrespective of the fact if you are doing law or not to take this course up. And for those of you from science or arts, this course will introduce you to a very important aspect which you must be acquainted with to become, in the true sense of the term, a well aware and a well informed person.

Medha Mukherjee

Medha Mukherjee,
Snehangshu Kanta Acharya Institute of Law

I am a student, currently pursuing B.A. LLB. (Honours) course from Snehangshu Kanta Acharya Institute of Law.

I opted for this course to acquire practical knowledge about business laws. It’s useful to know the basics of business laws and regulations before opting for a career as a lawyer in corporate sector.

This course is actually a spring board before we dive into the choppy water of corporate world. It is helpful in building a strong base and developing thorough knowledge about the nitty gritties of business.

The modules are unique, informative and give valuable practical exposure.

This course provides information regarding business formation and its various compliances; drafting of partnership deeds, licenses, patents, to be precise a plethora of information placed in a single portal and it’s not even time consuming. I got a lot to learn from this course.

Sujay Sanjay

Sujay Sanjay,
4th year law student, GNLU

It has given me perspective on choosing corporate law as a career.

Sayobani Basu

Sayobani Basu,
Final year law student, NLUO

I think it has helped in clearing confusions in a lot of basic concepts which we tend to ignore during our law school. I would want to recommend the course to anyone who would want to start learning from the scratch.

Diksha Rai

Diksha Rai,
4th year law student, RGNLU, Punjab

Helped in honing my skills with respect to the practical aspect of IPR, Company Law, Taxation and various Contracts. It has resulted in developing an in-depth understanding of the laws.


Updating Soon..

Syed Atif Hussain

Syed Atif Hussain,
IIT, Kanpur, IIM Bangalore

Atif has worked at Samsung in Technology research for 4 years and since 2009, has been working in Management Consulting with Accenture. He has been a dedicated social worker and product developer with 4 patents, and 2 small startups.
Good amount of content, with regular online materials and test, for regular practice.

S. Saravanan

S. Saravanan,
GM- Startegic Business Development
with Autotech Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.

A professional with more than 20 years of experience with B.E.(Mech) and M.B.A.
It was a good knowledge gain and a nice medium to understand practical aspects of the business for day to day scenarios.

P. Prasanna

P. Prasanna,
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon

Currently pursuing my MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon. Previously, I have completed my B.E. from Manipal Institute of Technology and worked with Infosys for 2 years. I have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. That is why I left Infosys to pursue my MBA.

I came to know about iPleaders from Facebook. One of my seniors in the college had liked the webpage of iPleaders. As I glanced through the website, I found it very interesting. I consulted my father, who was quite delighted to know about this and asked me to carry on. So, I enrolled in the course.
Initially, it was quite difficult for me to manage my time along with MBA. But as time progressed I realized that there is a lot of interconnection between the two. For example, I was learning in college about “Profit & Loss Statement” and at iPleaders , I was learning about various aspects of taxation. So, the syllabus became quite interesting.
iPleaders also conduct workshops and webinars. Various eminent guests conduct the webinars. Also, workshops are very informative. I recently went to a “Legal Clinic” where entrepreneurs can ask their queries on a one-on-one basis. And it was amazing to see that the entrepreneurs were asking similar questions which had already been covered in the syllabus. It brought in me a lot of confidence, because I have solutions of the problems which an entrepreneur, without the knowledge of legal issues, would face.
Some of you might be thinking that it is only for those who want to become an entrepreneur, but believe me; today the world is so competitive, this is one of the ways to differentiate yourself and to show your knowledge. It requires a bit of hard work but it will definitely provide an edge. The edge is not because you have a degree, but because you know more than others. Especially, for those who aspire to become a consultant or an analyst.

Aniruddh Bakshi

Aniruddh Bakshi,
Manager HR in Pursuit Software, Kolkata

I have an experience of 8 years and worked as a US IT recruiter, project co-ordinator and currently manager HR – Admin in Pursuit Software, Kolkata.
A science graduate with DOEACC ‘O’ level, Diploma in System Management from Aptech, Diploma in Business Process Outsourcing in Finance & Accounting from IGNOU .
Currently pursuing PGD in HR from MIT School of Distance Education, Pune and NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws.
The course helps to obtain basic knowledge in business laws which, if possible, I can pursue later if I go for higher studies (contingent of it being available online). It also helps to have a say in business decisions and can help the decision makers with valuable inputs. And can take decisions in critical situations.
This is a unique course where everybody is learning from each other.
The exclusive facebook group is our central meeting point, where we can freely discuss the topics.
The course material is very good and the best part is iPleaders are updating the material continuously.

The webinars conducted on topics which are very relevant in current business scenario are awesome.
The best decision I have ever taken is joining this course.

Mayuresh Dalvi

Mayuresh Dalvi,
Marketing Professional from Uberall Solutions (I) Ltd.

The modules uploaded so far have helped me to gain awareness of basic concepts in company formation and accounting practices for a small construction related firm which I have recently set up. Going further, I am sure this course will help in building a strong foundation for achieving my career objectives.

Mikhil Sabadara

Mikhil Sabadara,
Pursuing MMS, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

Graduate in Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology. In the past, I have worked with Cognizant Technologies, Oracle Financial Services and will be joining Wipro Technologies soon. Today, those who run businesses need to have a fair understanding of the regulatory environment, because many fields are highly regulated in some or the other way. This one year diploma course, in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, is best suitable for that. It has good coverage of topics with relevant examples.

Abhyudaya Swamy

Abhyudaya Swamy,
Socia Media Strategist at Magnon, B Com (Hons.) From NMIMS.

The communication has been tremendous regarding every aspects of the course. Kudos to the team for the same! It’s a must for everyone who actually wants to be an entrepreneur but don’t have the right resources to hire a law executive. This course is a platform for such budding entrepreneurs who would like to have the best of both worlds.

Srinidhi Rajsekhar

Srinidhi Rajsekhar,
General Management Program, Cipla

I have completed B.E. from R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore and have worked with Delphi Automotive Systems, Bangalore for 2.5 years. After that I completed MBA in International Business from IIFT, Delhi. Currently recruited by Cipla, Mumbai for its general management program. This course has been very helpful for me.

Pratiksha Sharma

Pratiksha Sharma,
MBA graduate with 6+ years of experience

It is very good course!!!!!

Chaitanya Patankar

Chaitanya Patankar,
Product Manager, Siemens
B.Tech – Electrical, PGDBA – Customer Relationship Management

This course has been very helpful to me!

Abhirup Chatterjee

Abhirup Chatterjee,
Internal Auditor , Aditya Birla Group
Master’s in Commerce , Calcutta University, B.Com ( Hons) Fin ,
St. Xavier’s College , Kolkata. Member, IIA. ( The Institute of Internal Auditors)

This course has helped me immensely in understanding the different nuances of law in a business setup.

Mahesh Deshpande

Mahesh Deshpande,
B. Tech, MBA

I am a telecomm engineer at a pioneer organization – Sasken Communication Technologies. Currently pursuing my MBA at another reputed organization, T. A. Pai management Institute.
This course was excellent. It gave in depth knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Mathew Paulson

Mathew Paulson ,
B. Com. Christ University , Risk Investigator – Amazon

This course will be of great help when I start off my 1st venture.

Arjun Sachar

Arjun Sachar,
Representative India – Tonnellerie Demptos (Cooperage supplying oak related material to wineries and distilleries)
MBA – Wine Marketing and Management, Bordeaux International Wine Institute, Inseec, France
Advanced Certified in Wines and Spirits – Wines and Spirit Education Trust, UK
B. Com (P), University of Delhi

Very knowledgeable as the information given is good for startups.

Arunabh Mitra

Arunabh Mitra,
Vice President and Global Business Continuity Leader, Genpact

This is an outstanding course. I found it extremely practical, common sense oriented. Till last week I was leading infrastructure and facilities for Genpact across India in operations with a footprint of 45000 employees and a cost line of 90 million $ . Apart from this, I was also their Global BCP leader. This course gave me a contextual understanding of a lot of things which we have been doing as a matter of habit till now. I will recommend this course to all my colleagues in my network. It’s already displayed ‘ proudly ‘ on my LinkedIn profile.

Aniruddha Bakshi

Aniruddha Bakshi,
Shalimar Group – Deputy Manager, HR

PGD-HRM from MIT, Pune
Shalimar Group – Deputy Manager, HR with 9 years of exp.
As I am in HR department it has helped me by giving a basic and structured idea about the compliance and corporate laws.

Abdul Bari Abdul Bashir	Shaikh

Abdul Bari Abdul Bashir Shaikh,
Associate Manager in Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

I graduated in B.E. Elex &Telecomm from Mumbai University and have a total of 10 years of IT industry experience. This course gives an amazing head-start to the world of legal entities. It has helped me in organising my thought process considering legal regulations while making strategic decisions.

Victor	Das

Victor Das,
Additional Director, AVR Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd. (1.5 years’ experience)

Educational Qualification-B.Tech(EIE)
College-Techno India,Salt Lake
I am a businessman & it has helped gain insight into the basic laws to be observed to run an organization.

Raja Sekhar Reddy

Raja Sekhar Reddy,
PGDM student of Indian Institute of Management – Ranchi

I graduated from BITS-Goa (under BITS-Pilani university) with a B.E(Hons) degree in Electronics and Instrumentation.
I worked with Reliance Power for almost 4 years in various roles and two different projects.
1. 2400MW Samalkot expansion project- is the largest gas based power project in India.
2. 3960 MW Sasan ultra mega power project – largest integrated power plant in the world.
One of the best value for money courses I have completed. The value addition that course gives to students from other disciplines is enormous. Looking forward to enroll for more such courses in future.


Updating Soon..