Am I required to be in Kolkata for the course?

No. The course is completely online, and you will not need to travel to Kolkata for any requirement of this course.

Are hard copy study materials provided for reference or are there only online classes?

All the study materials will be provided on the online learning management system and not in hard copy.

Are there any discounts available?

There are no discounts available. However the course fee can be paid in instalments. You may enrol by paying the first instalment of INR 15,000 right away along with a post dated cheque of INR 10,000. The post dated cheque will be encashed by us only after six months from the commencement of the course.

Are there any minimum attendance requirements?

There are no minimum attendance requirements, as the course shall be taught online through a learning management system which allows you to pursue the course at your own pace and convenience.

Are there going to be classroom sessions?

The course is conducted through an online learning management system, which enables students to access study materials from anywhere in the world at their own time and convenience. All the study material which includes text, videos, drafting exercises, templates and regular tests will be available only within the LMS and can be accessed using your login id for the LMS. The course can also be accessed through state of the art mobile Apps, which makes learning convenient and accessible on a real time basis.
Live sessions are also conducted online – students who miss the session can watch recorded versions. There will also be some online doubt-clearing sessions between students and faculty.

Are those who pursued bachelor or master degrees in Commerce, Science, Arts or any other disciplines eligible to enrol in the course?

The minimum eligibility for the course is XII pass and students from any discipline can enrol in the course. Therefore, students of B.Com., BMS, BBA, Science, Arts, Medicine or from any other discipline are eligible to enrol and many have already enroled. The course is targeted at entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and working professionals and will be relevant and useful irrespective of stream and industry. Those would like to start up their own company at some point of time, are interested in a career in management, want to have a grasp on business laws or differentiate themselves by adding a unique skill shall benefit from this course. Please visit our Testimonials page to read about what our current batch comprising of individuals from different disciplines have to say about the course.

Can we take the tests at our convenience or are they going to be available only at a specific time on a particular day? What happens if I cannot take the tests at a specific time because of exams, internships or other commitments?

As candidates will be enroling from across India and even abroad, the schedule of every candidate is likely to differ. To accommodate that, the periodic tests will be available on the online portal for a period of time so that you can take them at your convenience. Everyone will be given sufficient opportunity to take the tests.

How are Online MCQ tests executed? Can I give the monthly tests and the final exam from home or do I need to go to an online centre?

The online MCQs are executed on the learning management system. You do not need to go to any special centres to take any test or exam. All tests can be taken by logging on to the online learning management system from your home.

How can I enrol for the Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws?

The following documents are required to be submitted for enrolment:
1. Enrolment form (available here).
2. Two passport size photographs
3. A copy of your Class XII mark-sheet
4. Cheque/ demand draft/ details of funds transfer transaction for payment of the course fee (as applicable)

The above mentioned documents must be sent to the following address:
“The Coordinator,
Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws,
WB National University of Juridical Sciences
Dr. AmbedkarBhavan,
12 LB Block,
Sector-III, Salt Lake,

For more details on Enrolment, click here.

How do I make the payment for the diploma course?

Payment for the course may be made by any of the following medium

1. Demand Draft

2. Cheque

3. Funds transfer

For further details on how to make payment please visit enrolment page.

How is the course administered?

The syllabus and course contents for the Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws are reviewed by NUJS. The course is conceptualisedco-ordinated and marketed by iPleaders, a venture that aims to make law accessible to startups and SMEs.

How is the course taught? Are the classes recorded? Is a person required to attend the classes online on a specific time on a specific day? If so, what if a person is not able to attend a online class on the specified date?

The course is designed keeping in mind that entrepreneurs, working professionals and students will be taking up the course. The entire course will be taught online through materials uploaded on our learning management system allowing you to pursue the course at your own pace and convenience.

I am likely to have a busy schedule this year, because of academics, co-curricular activities, or enrolment in other courses like the CS course. Will this course be very demanding/ time consuming?

The course is designed keeping in mind the schedule of working professionals, entrepreneurs and fulltime students. The 13 modules are well spread out over a period of 12 months. We don’t guarantee that you will pass the course without putting in reasonable effort or attention but the exact amount of time that you will have to put in will depend on your ability to grasp the material. On an average, spending approximately 3-4 hours per week on the course would be sufficient for most people to comfortably follow the course.

Is it possible for a person who doesn’t know law to study on his own with the material given?

Yes it is possible as what you will learn in this course is completely independent of any other course you have probably pursued or are pursuing. The course is designed keeping in mind that there will be many non-lawyers taking up this course. The content is unique and does not require any prior knowledge except for knowledge of English and basic computer usage skills.

Is the Entrepreneurship Administration & Business Law Diploma a recognized course?

Yes, the Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws is awarded by National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata, a UGC and BCI recognisedpremier national law school. [Please click here to know more about NUJS]. Upon successful completion of the course, a candidate shall receive a diploma issued by NUJS.

Is there a placement or internship assistance for candidates who enrol in the course?

There is an active placement assistance program available to students, which includes CV-writing, career guidance and sharing of relevant job and internship opportunities. We have also started a career clinic for the benefit of the students, students can visit the office of iPleaders in Delhi or can seek career related insights over phone or video chat on pre-designated days. More than 200 positions have been shared. Our students have been placed in various law firms and other organisations, as full time employees and have obtained multiple opportunities for internships under the programme. However no such internship or placement is guaranteed by either iPleaders or NUJS.

What are the eligibility criteria for the course?

Anyone who has passed Class XII examination is eligible to enrol for the course. Candidates should also have functional knowledge of English and know how to use computers.

What are the passing criteria in the online tests and the viva at the end? Is there a grading system?

Pass marks are 40. Those who will pass will be awarded the grade based on the following table:

Grading system:

F (Fail) < 40
C 40 to 50
C+ 50 to 59
B 60 to 69
B+ 70 to 79
A 80 to 89
A+ 90 to 100
What is iPleaders?

iPleaders, started in 2010, is a legal education company which focuses on creating outstanding legal courses and making legal knowledge more accessible through technology. iPleaders teaches law not only to lawyers and law students, but also managers, entrepreneurs and working professionals.

A major focus area of iPleaders has been researching and developing resources through blogging, educational resources, workshops, and interactive software that entrepreneurs can use themselves as aid during decision making.

To find out more about iPleaders, please click here

What is the course fee? Can the course fee be paid in instalments?

The course fee is INR 30,000 which can be paid in two instalments. You may enrol by paying the first instalment of INR 15,000 right away along with a post dated cheque of INR 15,000 dated February 15, 2017. The post dated cheque will be encashed by us only in the month of February 2017. You can also choose to pay the entire amount at one go.

What is the duration of the course?

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws is a 12 months course.

What is the examination and assessment procedure?

The course will have periodic online MCQ tests. There will be a drafting assessment which will be assigned online as well.

What is the pattern of the online tests? What are the tentative months when online tests are done?

All the online tests will have a MCQ pattern. There will be three tests and one drafting exercise conducted. You will have one test every quarter. Marks allocation for your assessment tests is as follow:

Assessment test 1 – 15 marks (Duration: 1 hour)

Assessment test 2 – 15 marks (Duration: 1 hour)

Assessment test 3 – 60 marks (Duration: 3 hours)

Drafting exercise – 10 marks (Duration: minimum 10 days)

All the tests will be available on the system for at least 10-15 days. In order to qualify for diploma from NUJS, you need to secure a total of 40 marks at the end of the year.

When does the enrolment for the current batch close?

Enrolment for the current batch is now open. Click here to proceed to enrolment.

Who is the course designed for?

The course is designed for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, young lawyers, law students, management and engineering students (who aspire to work in managerial jobs or become consultants). Please visit our Testimonials page to read about what our current batch, comprising of students from different disciplines has to say about the course.

Who is the faculty for this course?

This is an online course taught by a panel of professionals from law firms, corporates and government departments, with an intensive industry experience in the relevant domain. The faculty will also review the study materials for quality and coverage of relevant issues.

The faculty members and contributors are listed below:

  • AbhinavAshwin, Senior Associate, AZB & Partners
  • Rohit Das, Managing Partner, Rohit Das & Associates
  • Ruchira Gupta, Founder, Juris Sociis, Bangalore
  • Shannon Jhunjhunwala, Consultant, Paras Kuhad, advised medium enterprises at US law firm Akin, Gump Strauss Hauer& Feld LLP
  • SuhasBaliga, Founder, Policycraft, formerly Projects Lawyer with Luthra& Luthra Law Offices, Delhi & Trilegal, Mumbai
  • Sujit Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Umesh Sharma, District & Sessions Judge (formerly Registrar, Rajasthan High Court)
  • Ushasi Khan, Associate, Capital Markets, M&A and Non-Profits, AZB & Partners