Eligibility and Teaching methodology


Recommended Target Group

Start-up Founders, Entrepreneurs, Managers in SME sector, MBA students, Law students, HR professionals, Lawyers

Minimum Eligibility

Pursuing or completed any undergraduate course from a recognised university/college in India or abroad.

Teaching methodology

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws is an online course which will be conducted through our Learning Management System (LMS). All the study material which includes text, videos, drafting exercises, templates and regular tests will be available only within the LMS and can be accessed using your login id for the LMS. There will be monthly live online discussion and doubt-clearing sessions. Video recordings of the key parts of the offline sessions will be made available on the LMS.

All the tests will be conducted online and can be attempted by you at the comfort of your home or office. There will be a drafting exercise and ten writing assignments which will be assigned online and need to be submitted back online within a specified time frame.

Students who pass will be awarded a diploma from NUJS, Kolkata

Method of testing

  • Regular tests for self-assessment. These tests are purely for self-assessment purposes and the marks of these will not be included in your final grading
  • Assessment test 1 – 100 marks (Duration: 3 hours)
  • Assessment test 2 – 100 marks (Duration: 3 hours)
  • Drafting exercise – 50 marks
  • Writing assignments –  150 marks

As this course will be taken up by working professionals, full time students and entrepreneurs, the exact dates of the tests will be finalized keeping in consideration the different schedules of the students enrolled. However, final decision with respect to this will be taken by NUJS. The tests will be available on the learning management system for a period of 7-10 days to allow the students to take the tests at their convenience – which should enable students with busy schedules to take the tests comfortably. We believe this will do justice to the their busy schedules and their willingness to pursue the course comfortably.

Passing marks: 40%

There is a grading system for the students. Passing marks are 40. Those who pass will be accorded a grade, as per the following table:

F (Fail)    < 160
C 160 to 199
C+ 200 to 239
B 240 to 279
B+ 280 to 319
A 320 to 359
A+ 360 to 400

Students who fail to secure passing grade can attempt a re-examination of 100 marks after payment of a re-examination fee.

Students who pass will be awarded a diploma from NUJS, Kolkata