We are hiring

We don’t need mere employees, we need innovators and entrepreneurs.

We need type A individuals who believe in themselves and believe that they can change the world.

We want bounty hunters, explorers, adventurers – who know how to take calculated risks.

We want people who care about the cause, people who want to build a legacy, people who want to make and be a part of, history.

The average person will be intimidated by the tasks we take up and accomplish – we need brave warriors. We want team members who are ready to develop a new skill by Monday morning if needed.

We don’t want ordinary people who are afraid to ruffle some feathers.

We will recruit hands – on individuals who define their own goals and inspire the team by attaining them. We want people who re-write their own job description.

This is not for average, timid people, or people without imagination who cares only about their next month’s pay check. If you do not have ambition or vision – do not waste our time.

We are hiring – if you have it in you – come join us. If you fit the bill, join our ranks and help us to revolutionize legal education in India.

Job Description: iPleaders is a legal education company. We started in 2010, with the vision to make law accessible to people in India. They called us crazy, they still do but that hasn’t hampered our passion and zest for the work that we do. With the focus on re-engineering legal education, we are creating outstanding legal courses and making legal knowledge more accessible through technology. We teach law not only to lawyers and law students, but also to managers, entrepreneurs and working professionals. Currently, we are the pioneers in the legal education revolution in India and we plan to keep the title.

We are looking for pillars for iPleaders in the areas of Marketing, Business Development and Legal Research. If you are one of these, contact us!

Do not belong to the above mentioned categories but want to join us? Tell us how you can contribute to iPleaders’ vision.

We research, write, speak, teach, create and seize opportunities and connect to the people. If you join us, you’ll need do what it takes to make it happen.

Send your updated profile (as of today) to and lets start talking.