Welcome to the age of entrepreneurship and access to law

We are doing something exciting and new with legal education. We believe that we are entering an age when the driving force of the economy will be entrepreneurship, and we want to make it easier by removing some of the hurdles. We can show you creative ways to use law in your everyday business, to save cost, to make money, to be confident and safe, and to have a vision like you never had before.

We believe that knowing the law and hiring a lawyer are not comparable – a businessman with legal skills brings very different values on the table than a businessman who has hired the best lawyer.

We want to revolutionize the way business is conducted in India. We are making cutting edge courses and workshops in premier technical, management and law universities in India, on topics that are rarely discussed (except probably in the inner circles of lawyers).

We are teaching how to take foreign investment and loans, how entrepreneurs and decision makers can negotiate contracts with investors and their biggest clients and suppliers and legal tricks that multi-national corporations use on common people and suppliers. We are teaching how famous technology companies in the Silicon Valley such as HTC, Apple and Microsoft are using licensing techniques to maximise revenues. We are discussing how law can be used in management processes to minimize legal risk.

We write hard hitting content – you can check out a sample chapter from a course we are conducting over here.

If you think law is archaic, boring or difficult to understand, you will be pleasantly surprised to know about what we are doing. We are working on re-engineering how law is perceived, understood and used in India.

Do you want to help us on our quest to make law more accessible?

We are looking for smart people who can write about law, education, e-learning and inspire a movement with the sharp edge of their pen! Do you have the ability to write moving articles with sharp insight, create visuals or videos that can inspire others to help in our cause? Then we need you urgently. Write to info@ipleaders.in.

We are looking for coders and software developers who believe that they can use technology to create outstanding products, softwares and applications. You can help us to make a difference to how people access legal services and products in India.

We are looking for animators and designers who are willing to take up challenges and use animation and design to convey complex ideas in a way that can evoke real emotion and feeling, and moves people towards taking action.

We are also looking for dynamic lawyers who are ambitious in terms of what they want to achieve (not just earn a salary) and connect with our cause of revolutionizing legal education.

Are you a teacher at heart? Are you interested in creating something truly artistic in the long term that has an impact on millions of people? Then come and help us, there is so much to be done.

If you want to work with us or want freelance assignments, write to us at info@ipleaders.in

About Abhyudaya Agarwal

Abhyudaya is a former restructuring lawyer turned entrepreneur. He writes on business laws, online education and interesting startup stories. He heads content development and operations at iPleaders, a legal education startup he co-founded.

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