The future of education, rockstar teachers and iPleaders

What is the future of education?

What is the future of education? Will there be rockstar teachers?

Do you want to do something in the education sector? Are you a teacher at heart? That’s awesome, but please don’t become a teacher in a school or college. If you are intelligent, driven, ambitious and really great at teaching, please consider becoming an education entrepreneur, join forces with others, and change the world.

I have nothing against teachers and professors, they are great and important people. They have generated a huge majority of human knowledge through research and invention for ages, and they have been so far primarily responsible for dissemination of the knowledge as well. However, after the technological advances of the last decade, internet and mobile revolution what the teachers and professors can do has completely changed in scope and scale.

We are in the age of superstar teachers. The phenomenon has just about started to take shape. We are entering an age where teachers, like rock stars, will have thousands of fans. Teaching will truly become an art as technology makes it possible for one teacher to teach thousands of students at the same time.

We are entering a time when students can easily discover and choose the teachers they want. This completely changes the classroom scenario of your childhood, or even college days, when you were often stuck with your boring, sometimes incompetent teachers. Now the teachers must compete to survive in an online world.


I am not saying that local schools and colleges will die out, but the focus is about to shift on the global, online teachers who will earn fame and riches. That is the kind of teacher kids will dream of becoming when they grow up.

Now everyone will be attend the best courses of the best teachers of the world. An Indian law student might be able to attend international law classes online, taught by a Harvard law school professor.

This is not a mere dream any more, with companies like Coursera or 2U in the US tying up with the best universities there – such as Stanford and Harvard to offer Massive Online Open Courses.

In India, at iPleaders, in our own way, we are doing something very similar – we are tying up with the best law schools and leaders in the legal industry, to offer courses that teach advanced business law – which finds no place in college curriculums.

We are in another age of education altogether. There are some other fundamental changes in the way in which education is changing too, and I’ll write about them over here very soon. Stay tuned – subscribe to my Facebook page here: and visit the Unlawyerd blog where I write about education, law, business and the future.

And one more thing, if you want to become a teacher, consider e-learning, it is the future of education. Your contribution could be crucial to how it shapes up. If you are passionate about teaching and would like to help/partner with/ work with iPleaders – write to me at

About Ramanuj Mukherjee

Ramanuj Mukherjee is former corporate lawyer and an alumnus of National University of Juridical Sciences. He co-founded iPleaders, a startup that is making legal knowledge and education easily accessible to everyone. You can follow him here: or connect with him here:

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