I don’t buy expensive things

I have heard horror stories of broken promises, stories of fraud.

I have repented giving in, to bogus and empty claims in the past.

Seems like I have finally got it – marketing and convincing is mere manipulation, never the truth.

It is clear from what the media tells me. Stories from my home, neighbourhood and my personal experiences confirm my suspicions about your marketing.

If I take a leap of faith and pay for your product / service, I will be powerless in future.

I can’t trust you. I am worried about being manipulated.

For a moment, even if I trust you, I know that if I raise a voice later, you will mute me and blur me out.

If I speak to you, you will give me disclaimers.

I don’t want to be fleeced. I can’t let you experiment at my expense.

Therefore, I need to protect myself. I need to ensure that I don’t fall into a trap. The more expensive something gets, the more difficult it is to believe that empty promises or manipulation are not at work.

As I have already said, I can’t afford to be powerless.

Even if I like what you say, I will wait, because I can’t make the same mistakes as I did earlier.

I may not say no, but I am still unsure about taking action, still afraid about the leap of faith.

Once bitten, twice shy. I hold people like you responsible for it, because they made me like this.

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Can you connect with what I wrote above? Incidentally, this was my story too, but I did not want this to be the story of any of our students.

Students of our diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws are not powerless.

They have a voice, and we have ears.

We give them loudspeakers. We listen.

We take actions to implement what we hear.

Here are some ways you can be heard if you did not get what you were promised:

  • Email us if you don’t have something we promised. Call us and share your concern.
  • If you are not satisfied, write on the Exclusive Facebook Group where discussions place. We have never deleted any comments.

Our commitment

You may have liked what we are doing. You may know about the diploma course and think it is relevant to you. However, it is possible that you found yourself unable to take the next step, possibly due to the above concerns, which can even operate at a sub-conscious level. So we thought we’ll let you know about our commitment to our students. We want to help you to be successful. We are transparent and we won’t silence you. Instead, we will give you loudspeakers. You can get your concerns heard clearly. You can make demands from us. You can talk about your achievements. We will ensure that you succeed, no matter what.

What’s in it for us? We will fail if you don’t succeed. It doesn’t work for us if you have unaddressed concerns. So we keep our promises, hear your concerns, and do all that we can to ensure you succeed. I know it’s hard to believe, but our students are seeing the change in their lives. Don’t believe it? Why don’t you speak to them directly? I will be more than happy to connect you with them.

P.S. By the way, this is how I deal with fraud now.

About Abhyudaya Agarwal

Abhyudaya is a former restructuring lawyer turned entrepreneur. He writes on business laws, online education and interesting startup stories. He heads content development and operations at iPleaders, a legal education startup he co-founded.

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