You’ve got to be kidding, Rs. 23,000 is insane for an online course

Are online courses worth it?

How does an online course compare with classroom learning?

Rs. 23,000 is too much for an online course …

I am not sure about how online courses will work…

I should probably try cheaper alternatives which are available to get a ‘feel’ of online courses…

When there are so many online diploma courses on so many different subjects being offered by so many people, why should you do this course? Why not a course which is cheaper, or shorter?

Here are 6 solid reasons.

#1 You’ll not learn this stuff from a book or on the internet

True, you can get free templates on the internet, free blogposts, free ‘expert articles’ on the internet that give you ‘insights’  – but there’s still tons of things you need to do before you feel confident enough or to make any meaningful headway with strategic and legal decisions. It is said you should talk to the experts – that’s what we are doing here. We have undertaken special research on the issues faced by businesses, talked to scores of entrepreneurs, investors, senior lawyers and government officers to create something special for you, and we keep working to improve it on a real-time basis.

These skills can help you solve real business problems, some of which are not being solved by even the experienced consultants and lawyers in the present market.

Do you expect to learn in this manner from the internet?

# 2 This course is not just for CV value – it provides you distinguishing real-life skills

This is a real life skill development program. Our mission is to provide you with skillsets and tools for your business. Your unique skillsets will also be evident to any interviewer or an employer when you start your job. Final year students from each of the national law schools, engineering colleges and B-schools have signed up for this course. Even several junior law firm associates have opted for this course.

# 3 You will get industry and legal updates from one of India’s top most law firms as a part of the course

Stay updated with the latest developments in telecom, capital markets, corporate law, competition law and other key business law related practice areas. These updates are not anything like legal news or like the interviews on a business news channel – this is exclusive content circulated by law firms only within their clients and for development of the skillsets of their internal lawyers.

# 4 The course is recognized by one of the best law universities

This is a diploma offered by National University of Juridical Sciences, one of the most well respected law schools in the country. Mention this to any law firm or a senior lawyer, and you’ll know how well they perceive the students of the university. In fact, recruiting partners at several law firms have been amazed at how wonderful the course content is. This is the second year of the course, and we are happy to say that we now have 500 happy students in our three batches.

Want to know how someone else of your educational or professional background has found the course? Call Pallavi at 95826 30056 or write to and we’ll connect you with someone immediately.

# 5 Access to a recruitment and placement assistance program

The course has a full-fledged recruitment and placement assistance program of its own. It even has tie ups with various placement agencies including to help students to secure jobs and internships.

#6 This online course is not set in the 1990’s

Apple, Google, Facebook and countless other tech-companies have made us believe that technology can make wonderful things possible. Somehow, this hasn’t been the case for online courses – where the user experience has been sub-par. This is not another course where you merely get access to some PDFs, where the website is bugged, where you can’t access experts and where support doesn’t turn up. We will be available to address your queries reliably, consistently and on a prompt basis.

You will experience the full potential of an online learning experience in this course, which, as some of our current students have realized, can match and even surpass a classroom experience.

You can study through rich, interactive media at any time and at your own pace – in fact, the course will be accessible even on a tablet or a smartphone screen (an Android app is going to be launched very soon). You don’t need to travel anywhere to give exams or to collect certificates. All exams and vivas with NUJS faculty will be online.

Need more reasons? Just look at the syllabus:

The skills you will learn in this course will serve you a lifetime, and help you to progress in your career rapidly – as few law students or even young lawyers can claim that they have learned all these essential skills in a systematic way.

Yes, that’s right – a lot of associates at even the top law firms will take years to learn some of these skills – and that is the advantage this course is confidently offering.

If you are interested in the course:

1. Visit

2. Check out the syllabus:

3. Enroll online on this page:

4. View sample materials:

(written by Ramanuj and Abhyudaya)

About Abhyudaya Agarwal

Abhyudaya is a former restructuring lawyer turned entrepreneur. He writes on business laws, online education and interesting startup stories. He heads content development and operations at iPleaders, a legal education startup he co-founded.

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